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The Marshall Home for Men, Inc., is a non-profit, state-licensed personal care facility for elderly men with limited means. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, home-like atmosphere while providing care and assistance for those who need extra help.


History of the Marshall Home for Men

The Marshall Home was founded in 1931 as a safe haven for men who were struggling to find work during the Depression Era. A rancher, John Ryland, welcomed the men at his ranch with food, shelter and companionship as they sought jobs during the tough economic times.

In 1958, the Ryland Ranch was renamed The Marshall Home For Men, Inc. in honor of the Marshall Foundation, which provided financial support to the facility. With the foundation's generous help, a residential wing was added to the establishment.

With continued financial support from individuals, corporations and foundations, a second residential wing was added in the early 1970s. This second wing made it possible for the Marshall Home to accommodate up to 52 men.

About Our Residents

The average age of our residents is 65-years-old, and a large number of them are veterans and heroes who served our country in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War. Many of these brave men have been awarded with the highest military honors, including Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, Navy Crosses and Purple Hearts.

While some choose to stay only a short time, most of our residents live here for several years. Some men even choose the Marshall Home to be their long-term home and are here for multiple decades.

The Marshall Home seeks funding for two critical projects to keep our men healthy and safe as they remain on lockdown: (1) monthly sanitation & disinfecting service ($2,075 for six months); and (2) movement (exercise/stretching) program ($7,200 for six months).

The Marshall Home for Men is the only agency in Tucson - and likely in Arizona - with a mission to provide permanent housing with licensed care in a safe and supportive environment to men and veterans of limited means.

Although the majority of our revenue comes from resident fees, the Marshall Home for Men needs and receives financial support in the form of individual contributions, grants, and bequests. We do not receive any assistance from local, state or federal governments.


Our facility experienced a Covid-19 outbreak in December 2020, but there have been no positive tests for residents or staff since early January 2021.