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The process to become a member of our home begins with a phone call from a family member, social service professional or a community outreach coordinator.

After an exchange of information about The Marshall Home for Men and the prospective resident, we then extend an invitation to visit.

A placement interview and tour of the home is the last step in the admission process. Interviews can be conducted in a hospital, nursing home, or social service office for men who are unable to visit our facility.

Resident Requirements

In order to be eligible for admittance into the Marshall Home for Men, prospective residents must be:

  • Alcohol and drug free (at least 6 months sobriety)
  • Ambulatory (canes and walkers welcome)
  • Continent
  • Free of communicable disease
  • Oxygen free

Prospective residents must also have had a recent TB test or chest x-ray. Men with slight memory loss, mental disorders and mild physical disabilities are welcome.